“Vivante has always worked with the traditional prospecting model. However, we realized that we needed to act in a more professional manner. Thinking about this, the first action we took was to remodel our website with a moderner language so that, later, we could start inbound and outbound marketing actions. That was when we decided to look for a company specialized in digital marketing.

The partnership between ASB Marketing and Vivante started from the active prospecting process carried out by the agency. Our president was personally impacted by the cadence of emails from ASB and, after that, we scheduled a meeting in order to understand their solutions. We had even talked to other agencies, but ASB Marketing was the chosen one because of the credibility shown to us along the whole BID process.

During the implementation of the inbound strategy, including the new Vivante website, there was a big volume of work and that required a big commitment from the internal team to align content and strategy. We had full support from ASB during this phase. Recalling that ASB developed Vivante’s website and digital marketing planning, which includes the actions of inbound (attraction prospecting) and outbound (active prospecting).

Today, I can say that marketing and sales departments are well structured, in addition to us having gained more exposure and brand projection.”

Renata Dutra
Sales Director at Vivante

Renata Dutra

Results achieved

In 2019, there was a 35% increase in the volume of visits to prospects compared to the previous year, with 90% of this growth having been generated by ASB Marketing’s active prospecting.

With the sales department structured, along with the generation of qualified leads on a recurring basis, we had a significant increase of generated proposals, most of them with great chances of making a deal.

Resultados alcançados

Essential steps for Vivante’s success

Digital strategy planning

At the beginning of the project, we set up a digital marketing plan indicating nurturing flow, landing pages, email marketing, informative materials (e-books, whitepapers, infographics), strategic actions, inbound and outbound personas, in addition to a study about keywords with good opportunities and using the most strategic terms in blog content.

Planejamento das estratégias digitais
Automação de marketing digital completa

Digital marketing automation

The digital marketing automation is done through Sendinblue. We trigger emails, newsletters, nurturing flows and commercial flows, in addition to managing the contact databases and creating landing pages aimed for specific campaigns.

The tool is essential for developing automation strategies and, thus, impacting leads at the right time of their buying journey.

Creation of strategic personas for their business

We developed five personas for the project, covering the most strategic segments for Vivante: industry, health, shopping malls, education and commercial buildings. We write blog and social media content weekly, always bringing the needs, the pains and the reality of these profiles to the fore. As a result, we achieved a good increase in engagement and followers, as well as better website traffic indicators.

Vivante’s website has 825 keywords indexed on Google. Among the strategic terms, we highlight 11 on the 1st page of the search engine and 22 to between the 2nd and 5th pages, totaling 33 potential keywords well ranked. Here are some examples: facility management, bed management, hospital maintenance, building preventive maintenance, industrial maintenance indicators.

Criação de personas estratégicas para o negócio

Digital content production

Blog and social media content are produced on a weekly-basis, with posts involving the needs of strategic personas for their business. During the content writing process, we rely on keyword analysis, which is reviewed every two months, suggesting relevant guidelines to the public and the company’s segment.

We generate, on average, 120 inbound leads per month. The origins vary between contact forms, educational materials and newsletters.

Social Networks community management

We manage social media, including content production, text review, scheduling posts using our social tool and analyzing results.

Gerenciamento das mídias sociais
Atendimento consultivo com foco em resultados
Results-oriented consultative services

Our relationship with our clients is much more than only exchanging e-mails, often having videoconferences and face-to-face meetings. We worked with autonomy but having the client’s marketing manager and sales director along with us was essential for this project being successful.

Data analysis and monthly reports

We deliver a monthly report for the client with the main results for the period, listing the actions taken and the next demands that should be delivered in the following month. When necessary, we include strategy recommendations according to the data analyzed.

Análise de dados e entrega de relatórios mensais
Prospecção Ativa

Active Prospecting

We prospect 150 qualified leads on big data weekly (600 in the month), based on the predefined personas found in the client’s directions.

From May to October 2019, we generated 238 opportunities (immediate, future and indications), which represented a 35% increase in the volume of visits to prospects. Example: of the 17 appointments in October / 2019, 12 were generated by ASB’s active prospecting.

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