“Based on a great relationship with ASB Marketing, which generated trust and alignment on both sides, we first learned as much as possible about the processes and then structured a results-oriented marketing strategy.

Quickly, we started reaping the results of marketing and sales, in addition to the cultural transformation that this investment brought to the company.

In less than one month, we went from an unknown startup to a strong competitor in the HR market. During the same period, we received 541 qualified leads, which generated 23% of proposal requests.

At the moment, we are learning and growing, and we are happy to have bet on a solution that really generated results and scalability ”.

Áquila Fontes
Product Manager at Docly

Áquila Fontes

Digital marketing strategy

The digital marketing strategy adopted by the client is the Climber one (Farmer + Hunter), which involves the creation of a structured sales process with prospecting (active and attractive), automation and lead nurturing according to the consumer’s path to purchase, stimulating and relating to the prospect to get him or her ready for the negotiation statge and dealing with our sales consultant.

According to Áquila Fontes, “it was already clear that it was necessary to put Docly on the market using innovative actions, and not the same old tactics. That is why we believed in the potential of ASB to make this happen. One of the difficulties during the implementation was the culture break. However, the solid results and the busy schedule of meetings generated more and more internal confidence”.

The work of prospecting Docly itself was made by ASB by using digital marketing strategies, focused on generating and nurturing qualified leads.

Resultados alcançados

Passos importantes para o sucesso com a Docly

The first step of the project was structuring the website. For this stage, we met with the client a few times in order to understand the essence of the company and their solution, bringing together marketing, design and development teams.

While the website was being created, the second stage of the project was already in progress. In the digital marketing plan, our team analyzed the startup scenario, considering the competitors, interesting keywords and all the possibilities for growth within the segment. In additionto this, our team suggested personas, created the editorial plan with the initial guidelines of the blog and structured the first material for the project conversion, finishing with the marketing and sales KPIs.

Having all that ready, we started creating the active prospecting personas and e-mail cadences. To achieve success, we always invest in A / B testing at all stages of the process.

Planejamento das estratégias digitais

On a recurring basis, we make the following deliveries to Docly:

Active prospecting for qualified leads;
Prospecting for organic attraction;
Automação de marketing digital;
Creation of strategic personas for their business;
Segmented digital content;
Social networks community management;
Results-oriented consultative services;
Data analysis and monthly reports.

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